Following the anti-violence melodies of Pedro Reyes, Sennheiser and Spotify showcase another amazing artist for the MOMENTUM campaign — EKLIPS. This musician has practiced the art of beatboxing for over 20 years and his tenacious effort to the profession is evident in his live performances. He is not a run of the mill artist that replicates a mere handful of sounds and tones. Whether it is perfectly replicating Flavor Flav’s catch phrase “Yeah Boy!,” the introduction to Kanye West’s Power or the instrumental to Lil Wayne’s cult classic A Milli, EKLIPS can do it. An extraordinary talent, this individual exemplifies hard work and dedication.

Although learning to vocalize an array of sounds is impressive enough, EKLIPS is not satisfied. After hearing Marshall Mathers’ Rap God, the Parisian rapper thought “I can do better.” His current goal is to break Eminem’s world record by rapping a total of 105 words in 16 seconds. While this is not an easy feat, we don’t doubt that EKLIPS can do it, with his rigorous daily training coupled with his “momentum.” Witness his amazing talents below and head over to MOMENTUM’s Youtube channel to discover the other creatives who made the list.

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