Can you guess what produce inspired Delikatessen‘s Spring/Summer 2015 collection? Similar to their Fall/Winter 2014 inspired by the leafy green vegetable, kale, next year’s release is influenced by fava beans. The brand claims that like the legume, a staple of Eastern Mediterranean diet, the garments are all about roots and tradition. From unstructured linen blazers to crewnecks with contrasting cuffs, each classic style is reconstructed to provide a loosened and comfortable fit. Aside from the notable addition of linen outerwear pieces, the brand expands its range of fabrics by introducing an assortment of Wakayama Slow Vintage knits sourced from a small, more than a century-old TSURI knitting factory. One thing that doesn’t seem to be taken from fava beans is the color palette, as the collection is primarily composed of blue hues with the addition of brown, red, black and grey hits. Preview the garments in our gallery above.

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