The iconic blue of Staedtler pencils are likely as familiar to draftsmen — for whom they are intended — as to those in creative arts looking for a durable writing instruments that just work. The German writing instrument maker understands that adapting to today’s changing creative palette — where jotting notes and ideas on tablets is often preferred to a using physical notebooks — is quite essential. And like other pencil makers, Staedtler sees a hybrid of pencil and stylus as middle ground.

The Pencil Set, part of Staedtler’s new premium offering, is their first step into hybrid pencils. The set features three (black-shaft) pencils with stylus tips on the ferrule ends, and a pencil extender with a built-in sharpener and eraser. We found the soft stylus end to work adequately on touch screen, though your mileage may vary depending on the device. Staedtler’s Pencil Set is a bit difficult to find in North America at the moment; you’ll have better luck through in Europe and Asia. You can find the set for approximately $52.

Photography: Thomas Welch/ 

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