This week “In The Mail,” we find a small selection of printed material to keep us busy over the weekend. Take a look at publications featuring the burgeoning art group K-Hole, works of a master architect, and tattoos that need coloring. See the selection below.


Carlo Scarpa by Phaidon 

As you know, we love architecture. From residential homes to sports stadiums and everything in between. We got a hold of Carlo Scarpa’s monograph produced by the good folks at Phaidon. The modern Venetian architect was a master of combining the world of modernism with the sphere of ancient aesthetics. Pick up the hardback here.


032c #26, The Creative Leadership Issue

This has to be one of the best publications we’ve picked up and read in a while. Other than gorgeous cover editorial featuring Lara Stone, the issue’s theme of “Creative Leadership” had us glued to the pages. The Berlin magazine brought on K-Hole (you know, the inventors of Normcore) as a guest editor and interviewer to explore the future of the creative industry. This is worth a read. Pick it up here.


Tattoo Color-In Postcard Booklet Set

If tattoos intrigue you, but the thought of actually getting inked up would send your mother into a spiraling meltdown, maybe this postcard coloring book can be your last resort. Illustrated by none other than Megamunden himself, the booklet is loaded with classic tattoos — and even a sticker sheet. Have your colored pencils ready and pick one up here.

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