When you’re in the grip of high summer, there’s not a lot of things to look forward to about the weather getting cold and wet again. But here’s one – the VDX cyclocross frame from German cycle artisans VANDEYK. Cyclocross – a hybrid of racing and mountain biking – has been growing in popularity for a number of years now. The lightweight bikes involved typically feature the rigid forks and drop handlebars of a road bike, only with the thicker tires and greater ground clearance necessary to tackle a wider range of terrain with ease. Faster than cross-country MTB and equally unrestricted, cyclocross is, for many, the ultimate cycling experience.

The VDX has been produced in conjunction with cyclocross masters Crema Cycles and ex-pro rider Ken Bloomer, and is every bit as beautiful as some of VANDEYK’s previous hand-built offerings. The frame features both platinum steel tubing and supremely light ENVE Composites carbon forks for a comfortable ride you can remain confident in across all surfaces. Both disc and cantilever brake versions are available, with all other components fitted to your personal specifications. To learn more about the VDX frameset or to make a purchase, click here.

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