Actor Jude Law takes the starring role in “A Gentleman’s Wager,” a new short film from whisky maker, Johnnie Walker, promoting their Blue Label blend. Directed by Jake Scott and filmed in the British Virgin Islands and London, Law plays a man with exceptional taste who has everything in life – the finest Johnnie Walker whisky, the finest clothing, the finest tan – except for one of the world’s finest yachts.

A 1928 Baglietto Yacht, captained by silver-haired actor Giancarlo Giannini, is the Law’s desire and one that Giannini seeings as having being the finest in the world; no price tag will do it justice.  So Law offers an unusual wager, one which he immediately regrets: he will dance for the Giannini’s yacht.

With an original dance performance that, of course, ends in glorious victory, Law wins the gentleman’s wager with Giannini, showing that despite it all, man will always strive for excellence and reach for those things that money cannot just buy.

Johnnie Walker strives for the very best in life with their Blue Label blend, a whisky so rare and unique in flavor and signature that only one of every 10,000 barrels meets the mark. For over 190 years, Johnnie Walker’s Master Blenders have hand-selected Blue Label whisky, individually numbering each bottle for presentation. The complex and smooth character of Blue Label is a reminder that striving for the best in life comes from personal experiences and progress.

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