This week, we were surprised by an incredibly concise line-up of fleece goods In The Mail from Canada. Reigning Champ and Roots (two of our favorites from up north), blessed us with some cozy heather grey items to help us fully embrace our weekend. See the set below.


Fleece Sandals by Reigning Champ for Island Slipper 

Fleece and sandals are a comfy match made in heaven. Canadian label Reigning Champ took to Hawaii to collaborate with Island Slipper on a mid-weight terry thong sandal. Comfortable and functional, what’s not to love? These will be in heavy rotation around the apartment. Pick up a pair here.


Roots Archival Sweatshirt

Roots sent over this incredible sweatshirt with heavy old-school vibes. Just like in 1975, the archival sweatshirt was made by Nova Scotia Knitting Mills — this is an exact replica of the original vintage piece, down to the stitching. Fall is looking cozy. Shop sweats here. #sweatstyle


Reigning Champ Beach Towel

Inspired by their famous sweats, Reigning Champ reveal a beach towel that’s almost too nice to actually use. This thing is soft, with a large logo, a rarity for Reigning Champ. If we don’t end up hanging this up in the office, it will surely make it to the beach this weekend. Made in America and in a quantity of 35 exclusively for friends and family. Not for sale, sorry!

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