Where the runway meets the street

The idea of attractive disrepair seems counterintuitive as far as fashion is concerned. It is, after all, an industry known for its obsessive desire with newness and “the next big thing.” HAiK’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection rocks the proverbial boat, taking inspiration from quasi-anthropological and sociological methods, as well as the notion of repair and disrepair.

“Industry meets the human hand,” says the head designer at HAiK of the unisex collection. Yet another prevalent theme is the connection between manual labor and self-help. In true anthropological form, the team used observation, first-hand experience and interviews taken in their local environment to inform the design process.

Although the primary palette is quite somber — ash gray, black and taupe — it is brought to life by saturated blues and oranges, as well as the occasional light-hearted patches of graphics.

Intentionally threadbare, most of the shabby-chic textiles found on both the men and women’s sides are custom-made on factory machines that had fallen into disrepair. Aside from neatly tying into the overarching theme, these fabrics give the collection one-of-a-kind textural details that are complementary to the relaxed, practical silhouettes. And, with jumpsuits, pinafore-style dresses, and a rather charming orange smock all making an appearance, there’s a factory/workwear aesthetic that’s hard to miss.

Learn more about HAiK here and shop them here. If you missed it, also check out their collaborative sunglasses with Kaibosh.

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