The world of Lewis and Clark has long since passed. The United States are no longer a land of uncharted wilderness waiting to be mapped by bold pioneers. However, true adventurers remain, both in spirit and in action, and even as they walk the now-familiar wildernesses, they find new beauty at every turn.

Modern day explorers and outdoorsmen Eric Bowley and Ben Schulyer took heritage brand Filson on a winding journey through the Pacific Northwest, hiking their way through Glacier National Park and hearkening back to a way of life most urbanites forget exists.

Chasing the overlooked leads the duo to remote locations like Bowman Lake, which lies at the end of a seven mile dirt road. Surrounded by rolling, tree-filled hills, the lake is hauntingly serene and seemingly untouched by the outside world. From there, the two make their way across Logan Pass and Hidden Lake Trail, where they pose among glaciers and snow-capped peaks. Go here for their full photo journal and written records.

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