• adidas Originals

    Santiago Watch

    adidas Originals' all white timepiece is 50m resistant, with a tough silicone exterior, finished off with that iconic Trefoil logo in bright blue.

  • Timex

    Weekender Watch

    Timex's Weekender watch is a menswear classic - 50m water resistant and the Nylon strap will last in water where leather wouldn't.

  • Triwa

    Lansen Watch

    Triwa's beautifully designed Lansen chronograph is resistant up to 10ATM/100m.

  • Vestal

    Tide & Train Digital Surf Watch

    Vestal's surf watches sport a digital tide graph and interval timers, perfect for budding surfers and resistant up to 10ATM.

  • Nixon

    The Spur

    Nixon's oversized Spur watches are resistant up to 10ATM/100m and make a real statement with their all-gold exterior.

  • Larsson & Jennings

    CM Black Watch

    5ATM/50m resistant, a stealthy black number for those who want to keep the street-goth movement alive when flexing in those fresh ocean waves.

  • Casio

    Sports Gear Chronograph

    10ATM/100m resistant - a swim-appropriate take on the iconic yet affordable watch/alarm/stopwatch combo.

  • G-Shock

    6900 XL

    G-Shocks everything-proof watches come encased in those signature larger-than-life shock-absorbent cases and resist water up to 200m.

  • Bremont

    S500 Supermarine Automatic Watch

    Bremont's Supermarine watch marries contemporary style with the function and aesthetics of a classic diving watch. Water-resistant up to 500m and with an anti-magnetic Faraday cage for longevity.

  • Aark Collective

    Iconic Inox

    Aark Collective's oddly shaped design withstands up to 5ATM/50m of water pressure. It's worth noting that the leather strap should be swapped out if you will be exposing it to serious amounts of water, though.

  • MWC

    G10 100m Watch

    The Military Watch Company produce authentic replicas on the super tough, 100m-resistant watches used by the US military in the Vietnam War.

  • Minus 8

    Zone Watch

    10ATM/100m resistant, the Zone Watch from Minus 8 sports an unusual design, sapphire crystal face and silicone strap.

Accessories August, 18 2014

Buyer’s Guide: 12 Swim-Proof Watches

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A watch is a true menswear essential, and while there are thousands of possibilities out there, with summer reaching its apex we have compiled a list of timepieces with high water resistance to see you through should you find yourself near water. Whether you’re hitting the beach, having a dip in a secluded lake, or even taking a sea dive, we have compiled a list of some of the most stylish water-resistant watches out there.

As there are tons of products out there all claiming to be water-resistant to a certain degree, it’s worth laying out just what all those varying certifications really mean.

– A watch that does not state any water resistance is not guaranteed at any level and should be kept dry at all times.

– A timepiece certified for 30m/3ATM will withstand accidental or brief immersion in water, but should not be exposed to prolonged immersion.

– A 50m/5 ATM watch will be suitable for taking a dip and surface swimming, but should not be used for any high pressure activities such as snorkeling, jumping in or diving.

– A watch rated 100m/10 ATM will be suitable for snorkeling and shallow diving.

All of the watches featured here are certified to at least 50m/5ATM, so you can enjoy casual swims to your heart’s content, while some of the timepieces included are capable of exposure to more serious pressures.