Youthful innovation abounds in Sissi Goetze’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection. This season the Central Saint Martins alumnus teamed up with illustrator Antonio Stella to present her very first printed shirts.

Stella in turn called on subdued floral motifs meant to bring to mind the classic, easy-going feel the of Mediterranean lifestyle. To juxtapose the relaxed, languorous nature of the Mediterranean inspiration, Goetze combined the motifs with re-imagined traditional summer wear, specifically drawing influence from ‘80s South Bronx fashion. And with the presence of striped shorts, sporty pants, and what can perhaps be called man-style cap sleeved tees, the collection is indeed a coherent combination of the contemporary and a flashback to the ‘80s.

Goetze also brought back the “hybrid sleeve” which has become a bit of a trademark for her. The half raglan, half classic sleeve is meant to create a smoother, more prominently shaped shoulder. It’s a now-familiar unique touch you’ll find on all of the tops and jackets in the Spring collection.

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