Art & Design August, 22 2014

Ora-Ïto Designs Concept “Nikeames” Shoe as Tribute to Charles and Ray Eames

It’s not often the worlds of furniture and footwear collide, but that hasn’t stopped French designer Ora-Ïto from giving it a try. Taking the iconic Eames Lounge 670 chair – one of the most recognizable pieces of furniture of the past 100 years – as his inspiration, he set about creating a hypothetical footwear design in homage to legendary industrial designers Charles and Ray Eames. Using a GORE-TEX sock as the base, Ora-Ïto imagines thin panels of lacquered plywood being used to construct a shell of sorts, much like that of the original chair, with a thin layer of rubber running underneath as a sole. Exactly how practical that is, we’ll probably never find out, as the design is simply a concept and Nike have expressed no signs whatsoever in taking it any further. Still, if you’ve ever wondered what an armchair for your feet might look like, now you know…