• Herschel Supply Co

    Sutton Duffle Bag

    Herschel's Sutton Duffle has enough room for all those gym essentials, with extra space for your standard school gear too.

  • Nalgene

    On The Fly Bottle

    Nalgene's innovative bottle fits into standard cup holders (from cars to treadmills) and bike cages. In addition, the sleek bottle is completely leak proof, so your clothes and textbooks will stay dry through any commute.

  • Nike

    Dri-FIT T-shirt

    Nike's Dri-FIT technology is quick to dry and is highly effective at wicking sweat away from your body - keeping you dry during those intense workout sessions.

  • Nike

    Dri-FIT French Terry Full Zip Hoodie

    Similarly, if you're exercising outdoors or need something to wear home after a intense gym session, then Nike's Dri-FIT hoodie will keep you warm and relatively sweat-free. The easy styling and heathered grey colorway means it'll look great on campus too.

  • ICNY

    3M Reflective Performance Socks

    These performance socks from ICNY sport reflective polka dot patterns, designed to give a reflective pop to what can be dull workout clothing. Should you be commuting by bike, they'll add another layer of safety to your daily ride.

  • Under Armour

    Heat Gear Compression Shorts

    Compression shorts prevent chafing, keep you warm and provide extra support - lessening the chance of straining or pulling a muscle. Research also suggests that they aid your muscles' post-workout recovery.

  • FILA

    Unisex Sweatband

    Channel the spirit of '90s sportswear when things get sweaty, thanks to FILA's throwback wristbands.

  • Onia

    Calder Swim Trunk

    Stand out in swim class with these boldly patterned, quick dry fabric swim trunks,

  • Rastaclat

    Rope Shoelaces

    Keep your gym sneakers looking fresh by adding some standout hiking-style rope laces.

  • Sony

    Sport Headphones

    Sony's Sport Headphones have been designed to snugly lock into place, keeping the music playing during even the most vigorous sessions.

  • Jawbone


    Jawbone's wearable UP24 band keeps track of your daily activity, sleep and exercise, logging and giving live feedback on your daily activity. It also has superb connectivity with other fitness apps, so keeping track of your gym classes' progress has never been easier.

  • MyFitnessPal

    Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Tracker

    MyFitnessPal tracks and measures calorie intake and exercise output, helping you make sure your diet is properly balanced thanks to its vast database of foods and workout data. A great way of keeping track of the impact P.E. has on your lifestyle.

  • McNett

    Microfiber Towel

    A compact, easily packable microfiber towel is highly absorbent and quick drying - so you'll be dry for class after those rigorous workout sessions.

  • Smelleze

    Reusable Gym Deodorizer Pouch

    While many modern sportswear products contain anti-odor technology, these reusable deodorizer pouches will help keep your locker, gym bag, sneakers or regular cotton gear from smelling too bad once things get sweaty.

Back To School Week August, 25 2014

Back to School Week | Buyer’s Guide: Gym Essentials

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Following Denim Week, World Cup Month and Festival Week, we finish the summer holidays with Back to School Week. To help make the switch from endless sunny days and warm nights to waking up at a reasonable hour and having responsibilities easier, we’ve produced a number of pieces focusing on this yearly transition.

With the return to school and its inevitable P.E. (physical education) classes, it would be wise to get up to date on the huge range of health and fitness products out there. While it can be a minefield navigating the myriad options out there, we trawled the depths of e-commerce to bring our fellow Highsnobs some of the most practical, stylish and innovative products out there that will keep P.E. (relatively) pain-free, assuming you’re allowed to choose your own getup. Whether you are reluctantly returning to regimented exercise at school or simply deciding to get in shape after an excessive summer, these products will all help to keep your workouts running as smoothly as possible.