Whether you’re a metal worker, an astute draftsman or just putting together that tricky Ikea piece, you need the right tools to get the job done. Here, we round up our favorite tools and essentials for your inner master craftsman from aprons to cutting mats and everything in between. We got you covered.

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Work Apron by Knickerbocker MFG Co. for Jones of Boerum Hill

Our friends at Knickerbocker MFG Co. are true craftsmen if we ever knew any. They teamed up with fellow Brooklyn work-inspired label Jones of Boerum Hill to produce two heavy-duty aprons. Whether you work in the factory, your garage or just want to look extra dapper in the kitchen, a proper apron is at the top of our list to ensure you’re keeping those clothes clear of grease. ($115)


Utility Pant by Boneville

If you’re going to be working all day with tools, durable but comfortable garb is a requirement. While a classic pair 501’s should be in any working man’s wardrobe, we’ve taken a liking to an interesting denim alternative. Boneville’s Unitlity Pants are made from a garment-dyed heavy cotton twill that fade and break in like a pair of jeans. Expect nice fading and heavy whiskering if abused properly. ($230)



Own a nice waxed cotton Barbour coat? The factory coating breaks down over time and must be reapplied to maintain its water-repellancy. Otterwax makes the traditional practice of applying melted wax seem ancient — just rub the waxy bar onto your desired garment and use a hairdryer (or heat gun if that’s your thing) to melt and distribute the substrate. We suggest trying the technique out on a pair of jeans or chinos for a custom waxed look. ($18)


DeWalt 18-Volt Worksite Radio Charger

Finding an electrical outlet outdoors is equivalent to seeing a blue moon. Unlikely. Determined to find a solution, DeWalt manufactured this radio charger which is, in essence, a portable outlet. Equipped with three sockets, this 7.2-volt to 18-volt device makes recharging your phone, working with power tools and listening to the radio outdoors a breeze. ($169)


Alvin Professional Self-Healing Cutting Mats

A product suited for the outdoorsy craftsman or the college art student, this “self-healing” cutting mat is the ideal flat surface for any activities involving an X-Acto knife or box cutter. With numerous lines adorning the mat and ruler increments racing along its borders, this tabletop accessory guarantees a nearly perfect cut. (We have one on every desk in the office so we can geek out over desktop organization). ($60)


rOtring 800 Mechanical Pen with Stylus Tip

Never underestimate the importance of a proper pencil. We think it’s a worthy investment to splurge on one that will last a lifetime, and rOtring make some of the best out. We had the chance to test the new 800 Mechanical Pencil with Stylus Tip and were completely sold. The look, build and sheer smoothness of the writing tool is second to none. ($85)


Filson Goatskin Gloves

Although Filson is known for their rugged canvas bags, the century-old label happen to make a set of tough goatskin gloves. Whether you define a craftsman as a skilled rancher, hunter, construction worker, etc., it does not matter. These durable gloves are an accessory appropriate for all expertise. ($88)


Trusco Tool Box

No craftsmen buyer’s guide is complete without a tool box. Trusco utilizes a stamped enamel steel in order to provide greater durability. Fitted with removable dividers and fold-out storage space, this tool box will keep anything and everything organized. Stop digging through old boxes and raiding every nook and cranny of your garage for small instruments. ($90)


Fire Hose Tool Roll

Juggling a set of tools is no task anyone wants to encounter. This tool roll is made from a 10.7-oz PVC-backed fire hose fabric and rounded out by leather accents for increased strength. Roll it up, sling it on your shoulders and you are good to go. ($45)


Harmony Korine for agnès b. Carpenter Bag

Normally we would not advise utilizing designer products when partaking in manual labor. However, this carryall by agnès b. and Harmony Korine has us thinking otherwise. Constructed from cotton drill and finished with leather handles, this carpenter bag was built for, yes, carpenters. We recommend this sturdy and spacious bag be used to carry everything from a drill to a hammer. ($395)


Hand-Eye Supply Preppin’ Weapon Sanding Blocks

For the weekend woodworker — Hand-Eye Supply created the Preppin’ Weapon to brighten up an almost surely dull toolkit. Tools are utilitarian, and their colorways typically follow suit. We think it’s important to have some tools you can truly call unique in your set. ($20)


Rudo y Noble Axe

Although a work of art, you may scare off a neighbor or two with one of these, especially if you’re in a major city. Spanish maker Rudo y Noble produce handmade axes for the most rugged (or refined) of consumers. Although this thing was built to do some serious damage outdoors, it might just look too nice to actually use. We’ll leave that one up to you — watch their intimate “making-of” video here. ($285)


Hand-Eye Supply Aviator Safety Spectacles 

Affordable, functional and stylish seems to be Hand-Eye Supply’s motto. These aviator glasses boast large plastic protectors to shield your eyes away from unwanted wood chippings, dust and other small, harmful debris. To be quite honest, we condone wearing these green shades outside of the yard. ($20)


Blunt Force Hardcore Hammer

After being fed up with using mediocre tools, Hardcore Hammers created the 18-inch hickory handled Blunt Force Hardcore Hammer. With a recessed and magnetized steel traction surface, the innovative design securely grips nails and delivers them straight through the surface without any chips and dings because of its smooth outer edge. ($36)


Sheffield Kevlar Shears by Best Made Co

Scissors have one purpose: to cut. The indestructible Sheffield England Kevlar Shears can slice through any material (even a penny) with ease and comfort. It features non-stick Xylan-coated high carbon blades to protect itself from unwanted gunk. Also, with a high leverage and textured ridging along the blades, it can securely grip whatever object you are cutting. Made in England for over 11 generations.  ($76)

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