The best brands create their own world. One such brand is Eytys, who opened their first store last week. The new door is near Hötorget, and was designed in collaboration with cabinet maker Axel Wannberg. As well as their own brand, they also stock pottery from Jessica Hans, a selection of books from Konst-ig, ’80s Swatch watches and, randomly, merchandise from Yung Lean. We caught up with the founders for a quick chat about the why having a store is important, the brands they’ve chosen alongside their own stock and choosing a grittier side of Stockholm for the store.


Why is having a store important to Eytys?

We stumbled across the perfect space so it was an impulsive decision to open the store. Because Stockholm is our hometown, our base and where Eytys was born, it felt very natural. In no way a thought-through strategic decision. Just natural.

The store is in many ways a physical interpretation of our “Eytys-universe,” something we, up until now, only communicated online through our website and Tumblr. We feel that to have a physical space stimulates ours and our collaborators’ creativity and helps people discover what Eytys is about.

The location seems quite unique. Do you think this will make for a better experience than if it was on one of the main streets?

Stockholm is a very clean and polished city which is often a good thing. But it also makes it very homogenous which is sometimes not very inspiring. The Eytys store is located in the very centre of town, but on a forgotten block that is slightly dirtier, more multi-cultural and feels more diverse than Stockholm in general. Our neighbors are two competing Bangladeshi restaurants, an Afro hair salon, a Korean grocery store and a basement mosque… A much welcomed and not very common constellation in Stockholm that fits Eytys perfectly and that we’re happy to share.


You’ve collaborated with a cabinet maker now. Could furniture making be an option for you guys?

Good idea! That would be fun.

The mix of brands seems incredibly eclectic. What was the reasoning behind it?

Eytys is built around the idea of Generation-Y being the first multidisciplinary generation. First MTV and later the Internet has given us access to popular culture in a way that previous generations haven’t had, challenging the boundaries between different creative fields. The store reflects that and we carry things we love — everything from pottery to books, fashion and even merch from our favorite groups. We hope that anyone with a curious mind will be able to discover something when they browse Eytys Stockholm City.

Plans for the future?

We’re just about to launch the Fall/Winter 2014 collection and we’re introducing our second style, a high-top called Odyssey and a black sole option. We simply want to keep on doing focus products and work with creative people we admire. And who knows? Perhaps more impulsive ideas will come along. We hope so.

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