Where form meets function

Architect Stephen Holl’s “T” Space is a collection of private galleries that sit on four acres in Dutchess County, New York. Designed without plumbing or sheetrock, Holl worked around these boxy fixtures by creating rain skin from cedar planks and attaching them with screws, propping them all above the ground with steel columns.

The interior does not depart from the exterior, as it is comprised of white-painted and sanded marine plywood. Windows, doors, and skylights also are custom built with wood, along with a wooden entrance ramp. The absence of fixed lighting is compensated by rectangular cut-outs on ceiling centers and corners that bring in the ever-changing rays of sunlight.

Surrounded by green foliage and earth, there is something incredibly organic about the two-level galleries. They do not war with nature as so many manmade creations jutting up from untouched landscapes do. In fact, sitting serenely amongst the verdure, they look quite natural and at home.

  • Source: Arch Daily
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