American footwear manufacturer Cole Haan teams up with James Marshall and his friend Todd Williams on a new series that explores the concept of The American Dream. Just like the beatnik heroes of American literature, James and his friend Todd took off across the country for the journey of their lives with just $250 and their sense of adventure. The objective of the trip was to reverse the negative sentiment Americans and the media associate with today’s America. By using social media to connect with people, plot their course, put a roof over their heads at night, and work for their keep, they were able to document that The American Dream and the optimistic spirit the country was founded on is still very much alive.

The upcoming collaboration between the two captures the spirit Cole Haan was originally founded on over eight decades ago. Believing in what the country had to offer, The American Dream Project takes these principles and narrates an entire story around them. Enjoy the official trailer below and find out more over at

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