Where the runway meets the street

Alabama designer Billy Reid has developed a strong following for his Southern take on American sportswear. The winner of the “GQ” Best New Menswear Designer award in 2010, he’s become the vanguard of the other Florence—Florence, Alabama, that is.

“We wanted the overall vibe to be about an uncomplicated luxury,” says Billy Reid about his Fall/Winter 2016 collection. The easy-wearing nature of his Southern-infused clothes have always carried an understated niceness about them, they’re the kind of clothes you could get away with wearing in even the most fashion-deaf locations yet pique the interest of people who otherwise wouldn’t care about the hand of a fabric or the cut of a coat. His clothes carry sort of an American sense of je ne sais quois.

“We’re moving away from a real lived-in look, but we’re trying to embrace what their natural texture is,” says Matthew Curtis, the Axe-sponsored stylist who’s taking care of Billy Reid’s grooming, who gave the models a subtly coiffed look. It was the perfect fit for the relaxed attitude of the collection. “It’s about being you—the best you,” he says.

Words by Jian DeLeon for Selectism 

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