Where the runway meets the street

Kanye West once again took to Twitter this weekend and this time admits himself that he is indeed going “Mad Max.” He already announced earlier that his upcoming album, for now called TurboGrafx 16, will release this summer already. Today the rapper takes it a step further. He wants to disrupt everything that the established fashion and music market has been relying on over the last decades and maybe it is the right time for that. He wants to release six collections per year and three albums per year.

In times when seasons and sex matter less and less in fashion, a steady release of product absolutely makes sense. Much like many brands in Japan (SOPHNET., uniform experiment, NEIGHBORHOOD) and also Supreme, products are released every week throughout the season, rather than in just one big drop, which most other fashion brands do. On the music side of things Kanye also wants to speed up his production and come out with three albums per year. If all three keep the quality level at the same height as The Life of Pablo, we have no problem with that. What do you think?

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