In the midst of E3 madness, Konami director Hideo Kojima (the guy who created the legendary Metal Gear franchise) treated us to a mysterious trailer of his latest title Death Stranding.

The bizarre clip opens up with The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus, naked and attached to a small baby via some kind of weird handcuff-cum-umbilical cord contraption on a black, post-apocalyptic beach. As he cradles the baby and begins to weep, all of a sudden it vanishes and his hands are left covered in a black and viscous blood-like liquid. We then see him staring out to an entirely black ocean, surrounded by thousands of dead fish. It’s perplexingly weird, typically Kojima.

We don’t know much about the plot or what the gameplay will be like as yet, but we do know that it’s expected sometime in 2017. However, Kojima has a history of building up excitement only for projects to be cancelled months later. A previous game titled Silent Hills was hyped and teased by the director—and was also set to star Norman Reedus—but was cancelled last year.

Watch the trailer for Death Stranding above, and when you’re done, check out 10 of the best retro gaming consoles available now.

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