Where form meets function

You will soon be able to turn your Samsung phone into a fully functional Gameboy console after the Korean company finally licensed Hyperkin’s SmartBoy Android add-on.

Hyperkin first teased the add-on as an April fools’ joke last month (or maybe they were just testing the water under the guise of an April fools’ joke), but were convinced into making it a reality after receiving a positive response online.

Now, Samsung’s Mobile Accessory partnership has officially licensed the nostalgia-inducing device and announced that it will hit shelves later this year at a retail price of $49.99.

The SmartBoy is compatible with all Samsung smartphones that feature a USB-Type C ports, such as the Galaxy S8, and can play both Game Boy Original and Game Boy Color game cartridges, as well as modern gaming apps. Look out for the SmartBoy hitting U.S. and Korean markets later this year.

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