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Well, after months, if not years, of hype, the iPhone X is finally here. Yesterday’s keynote saw the 10th anniversary model go on public display for the first time, but as Mashable reports, Apple elected to leave out one or two important details.

The phone’s price tag has been a big talking point, but you wouldn’t know going by the presentation. Apple announced two models – the 64GB and 256GB — but failed to point out the latter will set you back $1,149. As previously reported, the 64GB version comes in at $999.

When it comes to specs, there was no mention of the fact the X will be the first iPhone ever to support fast charging, If you’re wondering how fast is “fast,” a 30-minute charge using the iPhone plug and cable will result in 50 percent battery life. Another minor tech detail is the addition of the Galileo navigation satellite system, making it pretty much impossible to get lost from here forward.

There were a couple of snippets that Apple chose to omit for obvious reasons, namely the display. While the X’s screen brightness peaks at an impressive 625 nits, it’s still no match for the Galaxy Note 8, which has a maximum brightness of 1,240 nits.

Finally, there’s the front-facing camera. Apple has made a point of bigging up its new TrueDepth system and how it’s compatible with 3D emojis, but what they failed to mention is that the camera’s actual specs are exactly the same as the iPhone 7’s.

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Here’s a look back at the phone in further depth.

  • Main & Featured Image: Apple
  • Source: Mashable
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