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If you thought the $999 USD price tag on the new iPhone X (64GB) was steep, then those of you who live overseas will be in for somewhat of a rude awakening.

While the more premium 256GB model retails at $1,149 USD excluding state and local sales tax, countries outside of the U.S. are going to be paying significantly more just to get the entry-level model of Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone.

Here’s a small breakdown on what the price points are looking like.

Hungary — $1,481

Italy — $1,425

Ireland — $1,413

India — $1,390

Germany — $1,376

U.K. — $1,325

China — $1,284

Australia — $1,269

Singapore — $1,225

Hong Kong — $1,099

For consumers in Hungary, Ireland, India and the UK, the prices are extremely high, and in these countries, sales tax or value added tax (VAT) is added on and has to be returned to the government.

Interestingly, it seems that it might be smarter and slightly cheaper to travel to the U.S. and purchase the phone instead, as a return flight from Budapest to New York in November, when the phone finally releases — is currently around $470 USD.

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