Advertising Dec 6, 2011

College for Creative Studies new ad campaign.

In a cheeky set of new ads, the College for Creative Studies liken art school to drug use in not so subtle ways. Will this reverse psychology work? This is your brain on art kids, heed the warning… Check out … Read more
Advertising Aug 5, 2011

Video | Absolut Blank

Absolut continues to produce some of the best art related advertising in the liquor business. Read more
Advertising Jul 29, 2011

Video | ‘Forever Forward’ Trailer

Arsenal’s 125th Anniversary is celebrated with an ode to the club’s history and future, directed by Ryan Hopkinson, revealing the passion, forward-thinking philosophy and belief in youth that the club inspires through game-changing Gunners… Read more
Advertising Jul 15, 2011

Video | Nike Basketball Presents: BLVD ICE

BLVD Ice is the latest energy space created by Nike Basketball. The build is shown here in detail through the lens of Game Seven Marketing. BLVD Ice 2490 Frederick Douglass Blvd. New York, NY Read more
Advertising Jul 12, 2011

Video | Marmite Hate Cuisine

This advertisement is the first in Marmite’s new “Hate Cuisine” campaign. It’s amusing and also functions as a solid take on contemporary high/low food culture discussions. Read more
Advertising Jul 11, 2011

The Joey Yates K-Swiss Tennis Collection

While K-Swiss will score higher in recognition for the current Kenny Powers as CEO campaign, this series featuring the legend of Joey “Love” Yates really strikes a cord. Nostalgic and humorous, the videos are well worth watching and the… Read more
Advertising Jul 1, 2011

Movie Posters Remade with Lego

This type of thing never gets old. With a simple premise – take a preexisting movie poster and give it a little remix – there is always still enough “haha” moment to provide momentary enjoyment. Old Red Jelopy (great name) … Read more
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