Architecture Sep 18, 2014

House Thommy by Nissen & Wentzlaff Architekten

House Thommy lies in Bottmingen, Switzerland, and is constructed to lie harmoniously within its surroundings. A group of majestic pine trees sits at one end of the house, anchoring its low-set position with height at one end, while an… Read more
Architecture Sep 15, 2014

Maison ART Residence by Agency Brengues Le Pavec

Located in Saint Clément de Rivière, France, architecture firm Agency Brengues Le Pavec recently concluded their work on the minimal and elegant Maison ART residence. Driving the overall design of the house is the landscape and slope of… Read more
Architecture Sep 15, 2014

Casa MO by Gonzalo Mardones Arquitecto

Located in the Chilean town and popular seaside resort Zapallar, Casa Mo is situated on an area with a steep slope facing the South Pacific Ocean. Gonzalo Mardones Arquitecto buried the residence within the hillside so as to create no… Read more
Architecture Sep 14, 2014

Tsai Residence by Tai & Architectural Design

Taipei is home to the Tsai Residence by architectural firm Tai & Architectural Design, headed by Daniel Tai. In the past, Daniel has tackled a variety of spaces, ranging from elementary schools to hotels, while for this latest project he… Read more
Architecture Sep 13, 2014

Canyons do Lago House by Mutabile Arquitetura

If you’re lucky enough for your house to have a surrounding environment as beautiful Capitólio in Minas Gerais, Brazil, then it’s logical to make the most of it through clever design of the house. Situated on the edge of Lake Furnas… Read more
Architecture Sep 11, 2014

Sunset Strip Residence by McClean Design

The Sunset Strip Residence by Los Angeles-based design firm McClean Design consists of three separate entities: the house, garage and guest house. All three buildings are connected by a water feature that leads the eye to a pool and spa at… Read more
Architecture Sep 8, 2014

Cliff House by Modscape

Concept architects Modscape have unveiled their latest design, in the form of this breathtaking cliff-side home. Taking influence from the way barnacles cling to a ship’s hull, the five-story abode hugs the cliffs on a parcel of land on… Read more
Architecture Sep 1, 2014

The Davis Residence by Miller Hull

Architects Miller Hull have recently completed their latest property in rural Washington State. Dubbed “The Davis Residence,” the 1,400-square-foot house is located on a wooded cliff site with views of the state’s coastal San Juan… Read more
Architecture Aug 28, 2014

Four Houses in Baleia by Studio Arthur Casas

What’s better than one beautifully designed house by the beach in Brazil? How about four of them. Architecture practice Studio Arthur Casas made the decision to build four identical houses next to each other, each one slightly offset to… Read more
Architecture Aug 28, 2014

Most Expensive Apartment in the World Due to Go On Sale

If you’re prone to bouts of jealousy, look away now. This utterly implausible penthouse apartment sits atop the Odeón Tower in the millionaire’s playground of Monaco (where else?), and is predicted to hit the market at just under $400… Read more
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