Architecture May 9, 2014

The Line Hotel LA Opens Its Doors

LA’s not short of hotels, but when one as intriguingly styled as The Line opens its doors it’s impossible not to sit up and take notice. Situated in the bustling and frenetic heart of Koreatown, this glamorous luxury boutique fuses … Read more
Architecture May 9, 2014

Villa In The Sky by Abraham John Architects

Mumbai’s a busy place, so you can understand why someone might want to rise above the hubbub of street-level and enjoy a little sanctuary in the sky. This spectacular open-plan penthouse apartment features a sleek, contemporary interior… Read more
Architecture May 6, 2014

Inside ‘Mad Men”s Award-Winning Set Design

Matthew Weiner’s Mad Men just began its seventh and final season. In celebration, Weiner invited Interior Design’s Cindy Allen to take an exclusive tour of Don Draper’s Park Avenue apartment, the agency’s Time & Life Building office… Read more
Architecture May 2, 2014

The Turner Residence by Jensen Architects

Built deep into the San Francisco foothills is The Turner Residence—a stunning combination of classic art deco and modern minimalist architecture. Designed by Jensen Architects for a graphic designer, the residence uses quadrilateral… Read more
Architecture Apr 30, 2014

Weekend House in Downtown São Paulo by spbr

Located between an arterial avenue and a metropolitan infrastructural axis on the river margins, the clients for this home wanted to avoid being stuck behind the wheel during the weekend so they decided to team up with spbr to design them a… Read more
Architecture Apr 29, 2014

Esquimalt House by Mcleod Bovell Modern Houses

Part domestic retreat, part workplace, part function room and religious worship area, the Esquimalt House by Mcleod Bovell Modern Houses is the very essence of a multipurpose residence. Built on a high slope that overlooks Vancouver, the… Read more
Architecture Apr 29, 2014

Villa Chiberta by Atelier Delphine Carrere

The Villa Chiberta by Atelier Delphine Carrere finds its place in a big forest of pines near the beach. These great trees draw a vertical line which mirrors that of the wooden cladding of the house. From the road, the view … Read more
Architecture Apr 26, 2014

The Cascades House In Confignon by LOCAL ARCHITECTURE

So often what makes a great piece of architecture is the way it fits into the landscape. The Cascades House In Confignon is a narrow, three-tiered domestic residence designed by Swiss firm local architects that follows the gentle downhill… Read more
Architecture Apr 24, 2014

Buck Creek House by Fougeron Architecture

Situated in Big Sur, California, the Buck Creek House was designed by Fougeron Architecture on the slope of a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The design was inspired by the banana slug, which is commonly found in nearby seaside… Read more
Architecture Apr 22, 2014

The Cubes House by Nestor Sandbank

Nestor Sandbank’s “The Cubes House” in Ramot Hashavim, Israel comprises various independent cubes standing alongside each other and joined by a transparent corridor. Functioning as the family’s children’s rooms, the cubes are joined to the… Read more
Architecture Apr 16, 2014

The Gravity-Defying Spaceworkers House in Portugal

Some of the most impressive houses are the ones with seemingly endless amounts of space and light. Because in this day and age, those are two precious commodities that not only denote wealth but generally, and more importantly, contribute… Read more
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