Architecture Feb 13, 2014

Hotel Bikini Berlin by 25hours

The Hotel Bikini Berlin project by hotel group 25hours showcases cosmopolitan Berlin at its location in the Bikini-Haus building. Located between Tiergarten park and Breitscheidplatz, the hotel is popular not only among its own guests… Read more
Architecture Feb 12, 2014

House in Austin by Jadric Architektur

Designed around the infinity pool on the property, House in Austin is built around horizontal planes that separate the various levels of the house. Created by Vienna-based firm Jadric Architektur, the top level houses living quarters, while… Read more
Architecture Feb 10, 2014

Casa Veronica by Longhi Architects

Peruvian-based Longhi Architects complete their latest residency in Pucusana, Peru. Dubbed “Casa Veronica,” the home is situated on a rocky hillside overlooking a beach and blends the natural and man-made, as the cliffs integrate themselves… Read more
Architecture Feb 8, 2014

Residence in Papudo by Raimundo Anguita

Situated on Chile’s central coast near Zapallar and Papudo, Residence in Papudo by firm Raimundo Anguita takes inspiration from the ocean which it overlooks. A curved wave-like roof made from exposed concrete forms the main design, while a… Read more
Architecture Feb 6, 2014

Individual House by N+B Architectes

Individual House by N+B Architectes is located in the picturesque area of Montferrier-sur-Lez, France. It is built in a beautiful pine forest on a sloped ground, enabling the inhabitant to enjoy a stunning view on the surrounding landscape… Read more
Architecture Feb 5, 2014

Villa F by Hornung & Jacobi Architecture

Villa F by the Hornung & Jacobi Architecture firm is located in the beautiful coastal region of Rhodes, Greece. It is a spectacular holiday home construction, with the entrance built at the base of the site within the three-meter-high dry… Read more
Architecture Feb 3, 2014

Postcard House by Hufft Projects

Situated near Table Rock Lake in Missouri, Postcard House by Hufft Projects, was inspired by the Polaroid camera. Featuring thin white vertical and horizontal panels that border the house’s exterior, the design is reminiscent of the iconic… Read more
Architecture Feb 2, 2014

Vertical Glass House by Atelier FCJZ

Originally designed in 1991 as an urban housing prototype for a competition by architect Yung Ho Chang of Atelier FCJZ, the Vertical Glass House was eventually realized 22 years later and built in Shanghai. Taking inspiration from typical… Read more
Architecture Jan 31, 2014

Garage of the Bears by Openbox Architects

Built to occupy a small piece of land near an existing home in Bangkok, Openbox Architects recently designed an amazing garage to house a collection of cars, other collectibles, and a small living room with a wine cellar. The entrance… Read more
Architecture Jan 31, 2014

The Black Desert House by Marc Atlan + Oller & Pejic

Offering views across Joshua Tree National Park in California, and located only 30 minutes from Palm Springs, ‘The Black Desert House’ was designed by creative director Marc Atlan alongside architecture firm Oller & Pejic. The low-profile… Read more
Architecture Jan 30, 2014

Foothills House by Strachan Group Architects

Set on the slopes south of the Bombay Hills in Auckland, New Zealand, Foothills House by Strachan Group Architects is a large country house built for a family of five. Following the natural land contour, the residence is anchored into the… Read more
Architecture Jan 29, 2014

Villa 153 by ISV Architects

A refurbishment project of an old 1960s building, ISV Architects recently redesigned this villa in order to meet a modern family’s needs. After demolishing most of the initial building, the load-bearing structure was the only thing that… Read more
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