Art Jul 3, 2014

‘Star Wars’ Long Shadow Flat Design Icons

Portuguese Star Wars fan Filipe Carvalho has produced something all fans of the series are sure to enjoy. Flat Design, with its simple visual approach, has enabled Carvalho to produce some minimal illustration work in an effort to give… Read more
Art Jul 3, 2014

A Visit to KAWS’ Studio by Wonderwall

Japanese architecture firm Wonderwall is best known for the beautiful interiors of all BAPE flagship stores, Uniqlo flagship stores as well as the most recent renovation of French concept store colette. After having designed the… Read more
Art Jun 24, 2014

Flying Citroen Car Series by Jacob Munkhammar

In the same vein as the Air Drive series we’ve shown before, Swedish artist Jacob Munkhammar has created the Flying Citroen Car Series. The set of images focuses solely on vintage Citroen cars, photoshopped to appear as futuristic flying… Read more
Art Jun 16, 2014

Google Launches Global Street Art Project

Google‘s very own Cultural Institute presents their latest initiative, the Street Art Project. Due to the temporary nature of street art, Google took it upon themselves to immortalize the work by storing images in a database searchable by… Read more
Art Jun 13, 2014

“Battle At The Berrics 7″ Trophy by Haroshi

With the final of Battle At The Berrics’ skate competition approaching, the trophy designed by Japanese artist Haroshi has been unveiled. Known for his previous work with HUF, Diamond Supply Co., Nike and previous Berrics trophies, the… Read more
Art Jun 10, 2014

POW! WOW! 2014 Taiwan

After one season in Hong Kong and four editions in Hawaii, POW! WOW! decided to journey back to Asia for their inaugural festival in Taiwan. Taking over the walls of Taipei, the crew of artists included favorites like James Jean, … Read more
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