Art Mar 1, 2014

Iconic Celebrities Transformed Into Tattooed Hipsters

Seattle-based artist Cheyenne Randall spends his spare time turning iconic celebrities both past and present into tattooed hipsters with his awesome Photoshop skills. “I’ve always been interested in tattooing,” Randall said when speaking to… Read more
Art Feb 26, 2014

Paper Master Li Hongbo presents “Statues in Motion”

Paper master Li Hongbo stretches the imagination with a twisted take on traditional sculpting. With what appears to be recreations of carved porcelain masterpieces, the sculptures are in fact entirely comprised of thousands of layers of… Read more
Art Feb 24, 2014

Nike Robotics by Simeon Georgiev

Following his LEGO Streetwear Figurine project, Bulgarian artist Simeon Georgiev presents a new series of designs exclusively for Highsnobiety. The renderings are based on the desires of futuristic, intelligent humanoid robots. Undoubtedly… Read more
Art Feb 20, 2014

KAWS “PLAY YOUR PART” at Galeria Javier Lopez

Following “KAWS @ PAFA,” Brooklyn-based contemporary artist KAWS presents his new “PLAY YOUR PART” exhibition at Madrid’s Galeria Javier Lopez. The exhibition is composed of an expanded range of the artist’s signature pop pieces and will… Read more
Art Feb 14, 2014

25 of the Best Murals Seen at POW! WOW! Hawaii 2014

Over this past week hundreds of contemporary artists from all over the world gathered in the Kaka’ako neighbourhood of Honolulu for the POW! WOW! Hawaii 2014 mural festival. Engaging with the local community in the creation of art, the show… Read more
Art Feb 12, 2014

Art Fairs, What Are They Good For?

Art fairs continue to develop into the driving force behind the art market. However, with their evolution into commercial “trade fairs,” characterized by the focus on high price sales (Jeff Koons’ Elephant at Art Basel Miami Beach was… Read more
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