Bikes Feb 19, 2014

Honda CX500 by Kingston Customs

German motorcycle builder Kingston Customs presents an absolutely beautifully customized Honda CX500 café racer. The company scrapped all of the bike’s original plastic parts and replaced them with high quality metal. The Cx500′s… Read more
Bikes Jan 24, 2014

Custom Yamaha XS650 by Thrive Motorcycles

This classic 1968 Yamaha XS650 took over a year to locate and obtain, but just two months to completely transform. Barata Dwiputra, lead builder of Thrive Motorcycles, was inspired by wood-burning stoves for the design of the bike, which… Read more
Bikes Jan 20, 2014

Budnitz FTB Limited Edition Fat Bike

Featuring giant 3.8-inch tires, a carbon belt drive, 14-speed Rohloff speedhub, and the brand’s trademark titanium cantilever frame, Budnitz’ new FTB limited edition fat bike is out of this world. According to the company, “Curbs are fun… Read more
Bikes Jan 6, 2014

Honda Nighthawk by Classified Moto

Customized by John Ryland of Virginia-based workshop Classified Moto, this 1992 Honda Nighthawk, known as a CB750 outside the USA, was built for a pilot in the UAE. Aiming for a street tracker vibe, the original seat was replaced with… Read more
Bikes Dec 16, 2013

The Urushi Bicycle Project – Vanhulsteijn x Sotheby’s

Dutch designer Herman Vanhulsteijn was approached by prestigious auction house Sotheby’s to create an exclusive series of nine extraordinary bicycles, all covered in a dazzling coat of Japanese urushi lacquer and gold leaf. Each component… Read more
Bikes Dec 3, 2013

Voxan Wattman 200-Horsepower Electric Motorcycle

French motorcycle manufacturer Voxan has unveiled the Wattman, a 200-horsepower electric motorcycle which accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in just 3.4 seconds and to 100 mph in 5.9 seconds. Dubbed “the most powerful electric motorcycle ever… Read more
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