Toys May 28, 2013

Medicom x mastermind JAPAN VCD Snoopy Astronaut Toy

mastermind JAPAN continues to release a lot of collaborative product in its last season of existence. Today we can give you a look at the new Medicom VCD Snoopy Astronaut toy that they have worked on. The ’60s vintage style-looking … Read more
Toys May 24, 2013

Karimoku x Medicom Toy Walnut Wooden 1000% Bearbrick

Medicom Toy is getting ready for its Toy Exhibition 2013, which is usually the occasion for the revelation of many fantastic collaborations and special projects. Also they teamed up once again with Karimoku, the Japanese furniture maker… Read more
Toys May 2, 2013

LEGO Polaroid OneStep SX-70 by Chris McVeigh

The LEGO guru, Chris McVeigh has created a LEGO replica of the Polaroid OneStep SX-70 camera, also known as the Polaroid Land Camera 1000. The impressive model shows off its awesome functionality feature by ejecting a little photo (see… Read more
Toys Apr 24, 2013

Iron Man 3 x Medicom Toy Iron Patriot 400% Bearbrick

With the film releasing on May 3, Medicom Toy releases a Bearbrick for Iron Man 3‘s Iron Patriot character. Measuring approximately 11 inches high, the 400% figurine is set to release in late September 2013 with a retail price of… Read more
Toys Apr 16, 2013

OriginalFake KAWS Mini Darth Vader & Mini Stormtrooper

After having released the actual Darth Vader and Stormtrooper KAWS toys from the Star Wars franchise a while back, OriginalFake previews this week the upcoming mini versions of the two character toys. Releasing on April 27, you can be sure… Read more
Toys Apr 12, 2013

KAWS Passing Through Companion in Brown

Coinciding with the presentation of his 16-foot Passing Through Companion sculpture in Philadelphia, KAWS is preparing to release his classic character in a brown colorway. Like past versions, the latest will sit for minutes at most before… Read more
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