Accessories Oct 11, 2014

Poler Stuff X RAEN Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

The peak season for consuming sunglasses might have drawn to a close for one half of the world, but there’s never not a good time to buy them – especially when they’re as good as this. Eyewear brand RAEN has … Read more
Accessories Oct 9, 2014

Oakley A Frame 2.0 Snowboard Goggles

Eyewear icon Oakley have unleashed a set of high-tech A Frame 2.0 goggles for those fond of a bit of snow-based action. A leaner design than previous models and with expanded lens volume for maximum peripheral vision, the goggles offer … Read more
Accessories Oct 9, 2014

40s & Shorties Fall 2014 Lookbook

A playful parody on some of today’s high fashion/high-end streetwear brands, 40s & Shorties has released a playful new lookbook showcasing their Fall/Winter 2014 collection. To give off the proper vibe, one of the brand’s friends, who… Read more
Accessories Oct 8, 2014

Teddyfish Fall/Winter 2014 Backpack Collection

Parisian accessories brand Teddyfish add a few new models to their Fall/Winter 2014 collection of backpacks. The architecture-inspired backpacks are crafted to be worn daily, taking you through all situations with their minimal and elegant… Read more
Accessories Oct 8, 2014

fragment design x L/UNIFORM Tote Bag

Legendary Japanese streetwear institution fragment design has teamed up with French luggage manufacturers L/UNIFORM for a limited edition tote bag, available exclusively to fragment mastermind Hiroshi Fujiwara’s the POOL aoyama retail… Read more
Accessories Oct 8, 2014

Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2015 Backpack Collection

After unveiling their Spring/Summer 2015 sneaker collection, Saint Laurent has now dropped their backpack range. Comprising the brand’s Classic Hunter, Prints and Rock backpack models, the range is full of tonal black and various printed… Read more
Accessories Oct 7, 2014

BAPE Releases Gold BAPEX Type 1 Watches

In time for the holiday season, BAPE updates its popular BAPEX watch program. This week the Japanese brand released two yellow gold versions of its Type 1 BAPEX. Inspired by the iconic Rolex Submariner, the watch is available with a black… Read more
Accessories Oct 7, 2014

Valentino Studded Leather Backpack

Creators of bizarre leopard print pony-hair sneakers and lovers of anything studded, Italian fashion house Valentino have added their signature metal accoutrements to a luxurious black leather backpack. The bag’s luxe credentials are… Read more
Accessories Oct 7, 2014

Ray-Ban Wayfarer “Denim” Sunglasses

Ray-Ban has given their iconic silhouette a rugged makeover thanks to the new Wayfarer “Denim” collection. Carefully crafted from 100% genuine denim, this new design is the result of two years of research, which have resulted in a… Read more
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