Gadgets Aug 28, 2014

LG Set to Unveil New “G Watch” Smartwatch

Electronics manufacturer LG are set to unveil their entry to the smartwatch market at Berlin’s IFA tech-fair next week. The first watch-style wearable device to sport a circular plastic OLED displaying on 100% of the watch’s face, the… Read more
Gadgets Aug 20, 2014

Sharp Introduces the Aquos Crystal Smartphone

Electronics manufacturer Sharp have unveiled their addition to the smartphone market, in the form of the “Aquos Crystal” touchscreen phone. Offering a “borderless” edge-to-edge screen, the 131 x 67 x 10mm frameless LCD screen cell… Read more
Gadgets Aug 13, 2014

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Alpha

Samsung has just unveiled its new addition to the Galaxy family, the Alpha smartphone. In line with the design direction that we have seen with the recent introduction of its “Level” premium audio accessories, we certainly like what we… Read more
Gadgets Apr 4, 2014

Aric Snee Creates iPhone Amplifiers from Blown Glass

The My Phone Amp is an acoustic amplifier and viewing stand for your iPhone 4 or 5 that multiplies the decibels from your phone’s built-in speakers. The glass amp is freestanding, stable, and provides unrestricted access to the home… Read more
Gadgets Feb 24, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung today announced the fifth generation of its Galaxy S series. The Galaxy S5 features a 16 megapixel camera and offers the world’s fastest autofocus speed up to 0.3 seconds. Also, the new Selective Focus feature allows users to… Read more
Gadgets Feb 11, 2014

Beep Synchronized Wireless Music System

With more and more wireless music systems for the home becoming available, the market is getting quite competitive. Beep is a new synchronized wireless sound system that works with any preexisting speakers you already own, making it an easy… Read more
Gadgets Jan 17, 2014

Moment – New Lenses for Mobile Photography

After spending months being disappointed with the existing products on the market, Moment took to Kickstarter in hopes of producing their very own mobile lenses. Designed to work with or without a case, a thin metal plate uses a rubberized… Read more
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