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Highsnobiety Commentary Jul 21, 2014

The Social Media Graveyard: Grieving in the Digital Age

The grieving process is as universal a feeling we as humans share regardless of religious affiliation or geography. Now more than ever we’re given the ability to reach out and connect in more ways than ever imaginable, thus allowing for… Read more
Highsnobiety Commentary Dec 11, 2013

Why I Wouldn’t Wear the Nike LunarElite Sky High

Just when I thought the state of women’s sneakers couldn’t get anymore dire, Nike decide to pump up the height of a regular Lunar sole, tart it up in an ombe black and fluorescent yellow and stick it under a … Read more
Highsnobiety Commentary Oct 17, 2013

YSL vs. colette and the Current State of the Parody T-Shirt

Fashion is an arena where a sense of humor is needed to both comprehend some of the more challenging and inaccessible pieces that are presented, as well as to tolerate “parody” elements that have permeated countless collections and… Read more
Highsnobiety Commentary Oct 3, 2013

What Makes a Successful Collaboration?

Dual entities have been coming together under one collective banner for many years – spanning from technological advances that pool millions of dollars of capital to more simplistic ventures agreed to upon over a cold beer in a dive bar… Read more
Highsnobiety Commentary Sep 26, 2013

What the Fashion Industry Could Learn from Rockstar Games

To say that Grand Theft Auto V is a success is a complete understatement. When you reach the proverbial pinnacle of achievement – both financially and critically – that level of excellence has little to do with luck and everything … Read more
Highsnobiety Commentary Sep 13, 2013

Roundtable: Would You Wear a Smartwatch?

There was a time not too long ago where teachers and parents alike reminded their children that they needed to master a certain set of skills in order to be productive members of society because “magical devices” didn’t exist. Fast… Read more
Highsnobiety Commentary Sep 6, 2013

Roundtable: Our Favorite Kicks Growing Up

Nostalgia seems to dominate the contemporary internet landscape because remembering days of yesteryear inevitably bring back fuzzy memories of childhood friends, crushes, and a sense of carefree living that come and are gone in an instant… Read more
Highsnobiety Commentary Aug 29, 2013

How to Survive as a Streetwear Brand

At one point or another, a brand is going to come to a crossroads – whether that be deciding to stick with what’s working – or attempt that tricky tightrope walk that is trying to either deliver on trends, or … Read more
Highsnobiety Commentary Aug 15, 2013

The Irony of the Tastemaking Process

Streetwear is a lot like high school. There are numerous individuals navigating the treacherous landscape in hopes of graduating and ultimately moving on to bigger and better things with an understanding and basic game plan of how to enact… Read more
Highsnobiety Commentary Aug 14, 2013

When a Trend Hits Too Close to Home

Our family over at Selectism organized their thoughts regarding the feeling of when trends hit too close to home. Check out an excerpt below followed by a link to the full piece. Like a snowball down a mountain or a Taylor … Read more
Highsnobiety Commentary Aug 8, 2013

The Keys to Presenting Your Brand Like a Pro

The age old adage “when you put lipstick on a pig, at the end of the day, it’s still a pig” is used to convey a message that cosmetic changes ultimately don’t cover up an inferior product that will inevitably … Read more
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