Highsnobiety Visits

Highsnobiety Visits Apr 10, 2014

Highsnobiety Visits | UNIQLO Berlin Global Flagship Store

UNIQLO recently announced the launch of its latest global flagship store in Berlin, Germany, at Tauentzienstrasse 7. The launch marks the global retailer from Japan’s entry into the German market. With a total sales floor of approximately… Read more
Highsnobiety Visits Apr 3, 2014

Highsnobiety Visits | Lawrence Young

Born in London, Lawrence Young left school at 16, had dodgy jobs for about four years, started working in production on music videos and finally got a job as a runner at a post-production facility in London. He then taught himself … Read more
Highsnobiety Visits Apr 1, 2014

Highsnobiety Visits | Satta Handcrafted Skateboards

Inspired by nature and captivated by the city, Satta is rooted in the desire to restore a balance and simplicity to our lives in the concrete jungles. Each board the brand makes is unique in some way, from the grain … Read more
Highsnobiety Visits Mar 25, 2014

Highsnobiety Visits | Duffy Jewellery’s Studio Residence

We present the latest entry in our ongoing Highsnobiety Visits series, where we take you inside influential spaces across the globe. Introduce yourself to our readers. My name is Duffy Jewellery and I’m a jeweler. I both design and make… Read more
Highsnobiety Visits Mar 24, 2014

Highsnobiety Visits | Hentsch Man Cofounder Alexia Hentsch

Alexia Hentsch is the cofounder of contemporary menswear label Hentsch Man, the brand known for its classic cuts and good sense of humor; which could be said, stems from Brazilian-native Alexia’s easy going but slightly neurotic lifestyle… Read more
Highsnobiety Visits Mar 20, 2014

Highsnobiety Visits | ICNY Brooklyn Studio

Form follows function. And good design arises out of necessity. Michael Cherman’s ICNY (Ice Cold New York) has managed to produce functional performance streetwear with a refreshingly authentic voice. ICNY is know for their signature 3M… Read more
Highsnobiety Visits Mar 18, 2014

Highsnobiety Visits | Leidmann Optician Munich

On a recent visit to Munich we decided to pop in to a few select stores. While visiting one of Munich’s classics, concept store Pool, we came across the jewel of our short weekend trip – Leidmann Optician. The third … Read more
Highsnobiety Visits Mar 10, 2014

Highsnobiety Visits | DSPTCH San Francisco Headquarters

DSPTCH was founded in 2010 as a design and manufacturing company with a focus on providing affordable, functional and simple accessories for everyday users. While drawing inspiration from the tactical and military fields, the originating… Read more
Highsnobiety Visits Mar 5, 2014

Highsnobiety Visits | Craig Ford’s London Residence

Craig Ford is the owner of a number of names*, one of the leading premium fashion distribution companies, and co-founder of London-based premium menswear show Jacket Required. He also happens to be responsible for operating BAPE Europe. In… Read more
Highsnobiety Visits Aug 29, 2013

Highsnobiety Visits | SOPHNET.’s Flagship Tokyo Store

In past Highsnobiety Visits chapters, we’ve given you tours of the NEIGHBORHOOD store, GIP-STORE and Carhartt WIP store in Tokyo. Next up is another favorite of ours – the SOPHNET. store. The Japanese brand’s mix of menswear classics with… Read more
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