Other Mar 4, 2013

Life as a Professional Cannabis Baker

Although the culture and laws surrounding marijuana sale and consumption have come quite a far way in the past few years, making a living within the industry is still a difficult thing to do. One Los Angeles resident though has … Read more
Other Jan 16, 2013

25 Locations That Look Fake, But Are Actually Real

These are simply incredible. In the gallery above, you’ll see a few shots of various locations found on our beautiful planet, however, they are so astonishing that they make you question their validty. The 25 locations include Iceland… Read more
Other Jan 4, 2013

Jay-Z Will Write The Great Gatsby Score

Word is that no one less than Jay-Z himself will be putting together the score for the soon releasing The Great Gatsby remake. Indeed, it was confirmed by Jay’s collaborator on the project, producer The Bullitts, who tweeted, “Jay-Z and… Read more
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