Skateboarding Jul 21, 2014

AGENDA x Santa Cruz Skateboards Jimbo Phillips Deck

AGENDA moves from last week’s Long Beach exhibition to New York for the current installment of their famed trade show. Celebrating this season’s iteration and showing off their cultural roots, AGENDA teamed up with Santa Cruz Skateboards… Read more
Skateboarding Jul 6, 2014

Shut NYC Marty Abrahams Pro Decks

East Coast skate imprint Shut NYC release a trio of decks for pro Marty Abrahams. The 7-ply maple decks are made in the USA and feature wild, comic-inspired artwork from the man himself. Available individually or as a signed set of … Read more
Skateboarding Jul 4, 2014

Nike SB presents “Caddy” featuring Paul Rodriguez

Nike SB continue their Skateboarding is Not a Game campaign with this “Caddy” commercial starring pro skater Paul Rodriguez. With a tongue-in-cheek play on golf, the commercial sees P-Rod and his caddy (played by legendary skater Lance… Read more
Skateboarding May 26, 2014

Marbel – The Lightest Electric Skateboard in the World

Some people say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” while others say “technology is a gift of God.” However you feel about the addition of electricity to a skateboard, the Marbel board is the world’s lightest electric skateboard, weighing… Read more
Skateboarding May 22, 2014

Watch Tony Hawk Jump Over a Moving MINI Cooper

Living legend Tony Hawk shows us why they call him “The Birdman” with some of those trademark airborne skills. The skateboarder risks his life by flying over a MINI Cooper Hardtop while it’s on the move. Using no editing tricks … Read more
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