Tech Jun 18, 2014

Facebook Launches “Slingshot” App

Facebook has just announced Slingshot, a playful photo and video sharing app in the same vein as Snapchat. The catch, however, is that users won’t be able to see the received “shot” until they “sling” one back to the sender. … Read more
Tech Jun 17, 2014

NomadClip Reinvents the USB Charging Cable

When your iPhone battery drops into the red, no longer must you be faced with a wave of panic knowing your USB cable is far from reach. The NomadClip is a portable charging cable the size and shape of a … Read more
Tech Jun 10, 2014

Watch the Trailer for Apple’s New OS X Yosemite

Reconsidering every element of the Mac interface, Apple has released a promotional video showing off the changes OS X Yosemite will deliver when the operating system launches this fall. The minute-long clip highlights several changes made… Read more
Tech Jun 9, 2014

Time Lapse Photography with an iPhone 5s on iOS 8

One of the many great upcoming features with Apple’s new iOS 8 operating system for the iPhone and iPad is the time lapse functionality for the camera. Apple has always put a lot of importance on the camera in the … Read more
Tech Jun 6, 2014

Apple iWatch to Launch in October

New reports point to an October launch for Apple’s long-awaited iWatch. Industry insiders have let on that Apple has begun finalizing specifications for the device, which is set to feature a curved OLED touchscreen and run on a version of… Read more
Tech Jun 6, 2014

Visiobike, the World’s Most Advanced E-Bike

Is this the future of cycle commuting? Croatian firm Visiobike think so and given the amount of technology packed into it, the future is exactly what springs to mind when riding one. This revolutionary electronic bike features a full carbon… Read more
Tech Jun 5, 2014

Watch Apple’s iPhone 5s “Strength” Ad

Just after announcing iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, Apple debuts a new TV ad for the iPhone 5s. Highlighting some of the device’s most popular fitness trackers, including the Withings Health Mate, Misfit Shine and adidas miCoach Smart Ball, the… Read more
Tech Jun 5, 2014

Titanium Computer Mouse by Intelligent Design

You can pimp a lot of things in life, but you’ve probably never looked at your computer mouse and thought, “What this needs is more titanium.” Well, that’s about to change, once you’ve seen what a titanium mouse could really … Read more
Tech Jun 4, 2014

Valentino x mophie Limited Edition powerstation

mophie has teamed up with the revered house of Valentino to create a limited edition powerstation. Inspired by Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2014 “Rouge Absolute” collection, the compact, glossy finished powerstation is part of a special… Read more
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