Tech Feb 8, 2014

Facebook Timeline Designer Releases “Reporter” App

The creative mind behind Facebook‘s timeline, Nicholas Felton, has just released a new app capable of measuring your entire life and summing it up in a range of aesthetically pleasing graphs. Named “Reporter,” the app works as a survey… Read more
Tech Feb 7, 2014

Discover How Big Google Really Is

Google plays an enormous role in our everyday lives – from checking our email, to navigating a city – it infiltrates our existence even when we don’t realize it. A new short film titled “How BIG Is Google?” takes a … Read more
Tech Feb 6, 2014

AIAIAI x Stones Throw TMA-1

Copenhagen-based headphones company AIAIAI are teaming up with the revered hip-hop label Stones Throw, who we can thank for records from artists such as J Dilla, Dam Funk and MF Doom to name a few. The new model is an … Read more
Tech Jan 28, 2014

Fujifilm Adds X-T1 Camera to X Series

Fujifilm has been fleshing out their X Series range of mirrorless cameras with the new addition of the X-T1. It boasts the world’s highest viewfinder magnification ratio of 0.77x, allowing you to see the maximum view of the picture you are… Read more
Tech Jan 24, 2014

Apple Celebrates 30 Years of the Mac

Apple celebrates 30 years of the Mac in a new video featuring some of the computer’s most influential supporters. Originally designed to put the power of technology in everyone’s hands, an interactive timeline was created as well in order… Read more
Tech Jan 17, 2014

Google Announces “Smart Contact Lens”

Google has just announced a “Smart Contact Lens” which allows diabetics to measure their glucose levels easily through their tears. With diabetes becoming an increasingly growing problem, affecting every one in 19 people in the world… Read more
Tech Jan 13, 2014

Has Spotify Cured Music Piracy?

“To have and to hold” is a line a couple utters to one another moments before someone of their choosing unites them in holy matrimony. It’s a time honored tradition for love birds. Years ago, this was a phrase that … Read more
Tech Jan 8, 2014

Bang & Olufsen Unveils BeoSound Essence

Bang & Olufsen has just unveiled the BeoSound Essence, a two-part system which allows you to listen to music in your home as easily and stylishly as possibly. The first part is a disc-like controller which can be wall-mounted and … Read more
Tech Jan 8, 2014

Makerbot Unveils ‘Replicator Mini’ 3D Home Printer

Makerbot, creators of commercial 3D printers, yesterday unveiled the ‘Replicator Mini’ at CES 2014. The Mini is the brand’s breakthrough into the home 3D printing market, and while it might seem unnecessary to own a consumer 3D printer… Read more
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