Books & Magazines Mar 21, 2008

Warrior Book & Sneaker

In the 70′s, Warrior basketball sneakers were a much sought after status symbol in China. After they became no longer objects of desire. Now a young Chinese-born graphic design student of Helsinki decided first to photograph those who, in… Read more
Sneakers Feb 12, 2008

Puma 70′s Champs – Seattle

Out of their archives from 1971, Puma presents the Basket 70′s series, which pays homage to city’s that won the NBA championships during the 1970’s. ” This shoe is based around the inspiring win from the Super Sonics, who ripped … Read more
Sneakers Jan 3, 2008

Puma Basket 68 – Comic Print

Although it resembles other Puma sneakers from the recent YO! MTV Raps series, this Puma Basket 68 Print is actually inspired by comic book illustrations from the early ‘70s. The shoe reflects the bright and crazy colors of early comics… Read more
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