Advertising Feb 11, 2013

Top 5 Brands That Changed Pop Culture

Fight For Your Rights! The essence of what makes really good communication has not changed much over the years – we want interesting ads with stopping power, that make us think, communicate a relevant brand message, make us feel some … Read more
Sneakers Oct 1, 2012

And That’s Why The Hundreds is Huge!

Today we come across a new advertising by The Hundreds for their footwear collection. Entitled ‘Just Do You.’, the Los Angeles streetwear brands shows once again what it is best at – communication. Their blog and communication has… Read more
Advertising Sep 22, 2012

Watch Apple’s First iPhone 5 TV Ads

It looks like Apple has launched a first series of iPhone 5 TV Ads. Showing off different capabilities of the new smartphone, the ads are definitely very compelling and well produced. Watch all of them, “Physics,” “Cheese,”… Read more
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