Cars Dec 27, 2011

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Print Advertising Campaign

A while ago Mercedes-Benz released an interesting print advertising campaign for their flagship SLS AMG sports car. Created by prestigious Germany ad agency Jung von Matt, they play with the logos of competitor brands Porsche, Ferrari and… Read more
Advertising Jul 12, 2011

Video | Marmite Hate Cuisine

This advertisement is the first in Marmite’s new “Hate Cuisine” campaign. It’s amusing and also functions as a solid take on contemporary high/low food culture discussions. Read more
Advertising Jul 11, 2011

The Joey Yates K-Swiss Tennis Collection

While K-Swiss will score higher in recognition for the current Kenny Powers as CEO campaign, this series featuring the legend of Joey “Love” Yates really strikes a cord. Nostalgic and humorous, the videos are well worth watching and the… Read more
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