Lifestyle Feb 6, 2014

AIAIAI x Stones Throw TMA-1

Copenhagen-based headphones company AIAIAI are teaming up with the revered hip-hop label Stones Throw, who we can thank for records from artists such as J Dilla, Dam Funk and MF Doom to name a few. The new model is an … Read more
Lifestyle Nov 18, 2013

Carhartt WIP x AIAIAI Headphone Collection

With the holidays just around the corner, Carhartt WIP once again teams up with Danish audio design company AIAIAI on a pair of headphones and earphones. In line with the Detroit brand’s take on contemporary lifestyle, the new TMA-1 and… Read more
Gadgets Nov 7, 2013

AIAIAI TMA-1 X Headphones

On November 28, Copenhagen-based headphones company AIAIAI will be releasing their brand new headphone model, the TMA-1 X. Based on the design of their iconic TMA-1 headphone, the new TMA-1 X is both smaller and lighter, with no compromise… Read more
Accessories Jul 17, 2013

AIAIAI x Kitsuné “Tracks” Headphones

The Copenhagen-based headphone company AIAIAI has teamed up with the Parisian Kitsuné label, for a collaboration that sees the award-winning Tracks headphones undergo a colorful makeover, which owes a significant debt to celebrate the… Read more
Gadgets Jul 3, 2013

AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio Engineered by Young Guru

On July 17, Danish headphone company AIAIAI will be releasing the new TMA-1 Studio engineered by Young Guru headphone, which is a collaboration with acclaimed sound engineer Young Guru who is known for his work with Jay-Z, Kanye West and… Read more
Gadgets Sep 10, 2012

AIAIAI x Carhartt Work In Progress Headphones

  The design savvy Danes over at AIAIAI team up with Carhartt’s Work In Progress division to release an exclusive line of headphones. Carhartt WIP takes AIAIAI’s over the ear TMA-1 and in-ear Pipes headphones and injects a militaristic… Read more
Gadgets Jan 6, 2012

AIAIAI ‘Capital’ Headphones

The folks from AIAIAI introduce this week the latest headphones in their collection. Catering to the urbanites around the globe, both design and sound were of great importance for this new model. “Made out of nylon reinforced with… Read more
Accessories Oct 19, 2011

Fool’s Gold x AIAIAI TMA-1 Headphones

Fool’s Gold, the music label by A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs, has teamed up with Copenhagen headphone maker AIAIAI on their TMA-1 headphones. The design has been tweaked and tailored to give it a striking Fool’s gold finish while retaining… Read more
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