Music Jul 9, 2013

Watch the Jadakiss for Alife Video Teaser

For their latest project Alife New York teamed up with rapper Jadakiss. For now they only present a short video teaser with Jada posing in front of the camera. It looks like there will be a “SO RASPY” capsule collection, … Read more
Fashion Apr 20, 2013

A Roundup of the Best 4/20 Collections

For many, this Saturday is more anticipated than all of the winter holidays combined. While it’s unclear where the term originates (although many attribute it to a group of teenagers in San Rafael, California), 4/20 is unanimously regarded… Read more
Fashion Apr 13, 2013

ALIFE NYC Spring 2013 T-Shirt Collection

Using some of the artwork from their street campaign, ALIFE NYC presents their first T-shirt collection in years. Featuring a range of bold graphics and explicit language, the latest collection picks up where the iconic brand left off… Read more
Fashion Mar 29, 2013

ALIFE NYC Comes Back April 2013

ALIFE NYC was at one time a major building block of New York street culture. From great clothing to iconic sneaker collaborations, impressive retail concepts to unforgettable events, the crew around ALIFE built one of New York’s strongest… Read more
Sneakers Apr 30, 2012

Alife Spring 2012 Footwear

Alife presents a first look at their Spring 2012 Footwear collection. Classic casual styles return in fresh material make-ups including ripstop nylon, calf leather and suede. Cork lined footbeds on select models keep the stank foot away… Read more
Sneakers Oct 19, 2011

Alife Holiday 2011 Footwear Collection

This week Alife will be releasing their new Holiday 2011 footwear collection. Consisting of high top, mid top and low top styles the Alife sneakers have taken a rather subtle route these past years and have become much more contemporary… Read more
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