aloha fixed

Bikes Mar 12, 2010

Aloha Fixed for DeMarcoLab

Fixed gear has spread quickly to all corners of our globe in recent years. In the meantime every major city has that one stand-out fixed gear crew. What Mash SF is for San Francisco, Aloha Fixed is for Hawaii. Recently … Read more
Fashion Jul 10, 2008

Leilow Silver Editions

Leilow will be releasing Silver Editions of some of their most popular t-shirts. Black t-shirt with silver print. The Aloha Fixed collaboration and the Sade collaboration t-shirts are part of the series, both launching on July 17th… Read more
Fashion May 23, 2008

Leilow S/S ’08 Collection

We present you the Leilow Spring/Summer 2008 collection. The brand is based out of Hawaii as most of you should know by now and even though they do things different from everybody else, they never forget to connect most of … Read more
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