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Sneakers Dec 9, 2007

New Visvim @ Firmament

Am Firmament has received some new pieces from the Visvm Holiday 2007 collection. We have showed them to you when they were released in Japan, but since it is always kind of hard to come across the brand outside of … Read more
Denim Oct 4, 2007

Head Porter Plus & Stussy Deluxe @ Firmament

Today you will see once again some interesting updates at Firmament. They received more pieces of the Head Porter Plus Autumn/Winter 2007 collection as well as the Stussy Deluxe line. In terms of HPP+ they received some nice shirts… Read more
Uncategorized Sep 15, 2007

Firmament Launches Head Porter Online

Here we have a first. Firmament from Berlin will be releasing the Head Porter Black Beauty collection online on Monday. Not only is it a nice classic Head Porter collection, it is also the first time that Head Porter will … Read more
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