Weekly Outfit Nov 27, 2013

The Weekly Outfit: Thanksgiving Dinner

Another seasonal holiday, another formal family occasion that requires you to step up the conservatism of your usual outfit in order to please and respect your elders. But don’t see this as a bad thing – enjoy the excuse to … Read more
Accessories Jul 28, 2010

Pointer x Anderson’s Belts

For Autumn/Winter 2010, Pointer have teamed up with Italian belt company Anderson’s to produce a limited run of woven belts. “Anderson’s have been making fine quality belts since 1966. Particular attention is given to the materials… Read more
Uncategorized Jun 3, 2008

Andersons Woven Belts

A belt is one of those pieces in a wardrobe that one does not think about too much and also one usually only buys it out of necessity. With summer in full affect these days, woven belts are again popping … Read more
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