Accessories Jul 23, 2012

ChargeCard for iPhone and Android

We love Kickstarter and seeing all these little projects that would otherwise never see the light of day, actually get funded and more importantly, become reality. The latest one we come across is ChargeCard for iPhone and Android – the… Read more
Tech Apr 3, 2012

Instagram for Android Has Launched

It took them some time, but the Instagram for Android app has finally launched and people are of course very excited. We reported about the launch already, but nobody expected it this soon. Now all Android users can finally also … Read more
Gadgets Mar 15, 2012

Tag Heuer Racer

Today we take a first look at the upcoming Tag Heuer Racer. Known for their excellent wristwatches, the brand has recently ventured into the world of smartphones. Next up for release is the new Racer Android touchscreen smartphone, which… Read more
Gadgets Nov 4, 2011

HTC Rezound

HTC is releasing their Android smart phone for the Holiday season in the form of this Rezound. Notice the Beats logo on the backside? HTC’s 51 percent ownership of Beats Electronics is adding a new dimension to their product on … Read more
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