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Art Aug 27, 2008

Andy Howell Launches ArtsProjekt

Some interesting news on Andy Howell’s latest project landed in our inbox today – ArtsProjekt has launched, a new online creative community/store/a lot more. " ARTSPROJEKT,, an interactive and culturally relevant… Read more
Art Feb 20, 2008

Feature – Andy Howell Interview

The intersection and merger of diverse artistic and sub-group aesthetics and influences plays a major roll in the contemporary iteration of what we call street culture. Beyond the music, graphic, and even transportation choices, there is… Read more
Other Feb 20, 2008

Rossignol – Seven Artistic Sins Collection

We present you an interesting project that Rossignol will be launching towards the end of the month. Using skate legends turned graphic artists, Rossignol has created  the Seven Artistic Sins (SAS) collection canvassed with artistic… Read more
Uncategorized Dec 12, 2007

XLarge x Andy Howell Interview & Gallery Walk-Through

We reported about the Andy Howell exhibition in the XLarge LA Upstairs Gallery and about the special products created around the event. Now XLarge did an video interview with the artist and he walks us through his exhibition. Check it … Read more
Gadgets Dec 4, 2007

XLarge x Andy Howell Pillow

Recently we announced the upcoming show of artist Andy Howell at the XLarge Upstairs Gallery. Along with also showed the t-shirt and playing cards (see again here), that  will be  available at the opening, December 6th. Now XLarge also… Read more
Art Nov 30, 2007

XLarge x Andy Howell

Next week, 6th of December, the Upstairs Gallery of the XLarge LA store will host the opening of the Andy Howell exhibition. Of course they have some collaborative goodies ready for the exhibition. There will be a XLarge x Andy … Read more
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