Architecture Nov 30, 2012

Residence Oedberg by Project A01 Architects

This contemporary residence was created by Project A01 Architects and is located in Klosterneuburg/Austria. The design was inspired by a series of American homes called ‘Case Study Houses’ commissioned by Arts & Architecture Magazine… Read more
Architecture Nov 25, 2012

House MJ in Slovenia by Kombinat

On the outskirts of Novo Mesto in Slovenia, between residential houses and the forests edge, House MJ is located on a higher slope overlooking it’s beautiful surrounding. The construction of the residence is prefabricated timber frame… Read more
Architecture Nov 22, 2012

Casa Panama By Studio MK27

This breathtaking piece of archirecture designed by Studio MK 27 is located close to Paulista, the financial center of São Paulo, Brazil. The building was especially designed to house the client’s collection of modern and above all… Read more
Architecture Nov 20, 2012

The Factory by Ricardo Bofill

In 1973, European architect Ricardo Bofill discovered a cement factory, part of an industrial complex from the turn of the century, containing of over 30 silos, underground galleries and extremely large engine rooms. Bofill decided the… Read more
Architecture Nov 13, 2012

Villa Midgård by DAPstockholm

DAPstockholm has unveiled a new private residence called Villa Midgård. The villa is a multi-faceted house where the shape and direction of the different sections are dependent on factors like the terrain, light conditions, view, and… Read more
Architecture Nov 9, 2012

Secret House by AGi Architects

AGi Architects practice in Spain and Kuwait. Joaquin Perez-Goicoechea and Nasser B. Abulhasan from the AGi studio are the brains behind this minimal, family house in Kuwait’s Shuwaikh B area. The distances between the built volumes are… Read more
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